Just about everywhere you look right now there is bad news. It’s tough to find relief, yet that is just what all of us want. In light all this bad news, we would like to share some good news and a few key points regarding the Insight Folios “Dividend 30” (DIV30) Portfolio.

Price Volatility

  • In the short-term, companies are priced based on several different things. However, “Expert” opinion and emotions tend to dictate the volatility of the stock
  • Both expert opinions and emotions are all over the board causing confusion, and along with the virus uncertainty, stock prices have dropped substantially
  • This volatility is a major reason why we invest for the long-term and for income generation

Stock Picks

  • All our stocks in this portfolio pay a dividend. If a stock stops paying a dividend for any reason, we will replace it
  • We look for companies that have a long history of paying dividends and even increasing the dividend yield on a regular basis
  • We buy mostly American based companies


  • As a reminder, a dividend dollar amount is paid for each share of a stock that is  owned
  • Dividends are not paid based on the price of the stock
  • While we have experienced much volatility due to the Coronavirus and the Russian/Saudi oil conflict, dividends have continued to be paid without interruption


The DIV 30 portfolio is diversified across many different sectors as you can see below:


The Good News

One of the major factors for investing in this manner is steady dividend payments, which bring an amazing element of assurance and calm in these anxious times. Though dividends are not guaranteed, just about all the stocks in this portfolio have a long-standing history of consistently paying their dividend.