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Mastering the Art of Financial Planning

By Paul L. Durso

Award-winning financial advisor Paul Durso reveals little known truths that will drastically change how you view and invest in today’s marketplace. With a better understanding of how the financial industry works, you will learn techniques on how to master the art of financial planning. Empower your future by knowing what you need and investing to make your future concerns a thing of the past.

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Planning on Living Forever

By Charles B. Bowers, Jr., PhD.

In the world today, most of us have been taught to approach financial issues from a certain perspective. Unfortunately that perspective leaves many feeling uncertain and lacking in clarity and confidence regarding their future.

In Planning on Living Forever, Charlie offers a different perspective when considering one’s financial future. He suggests that there is another perspective and method of planning that can bring a bit more clarity and confidence to that future.

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Navigating Through Retirement

By Kevin Wray

This book will help you to make wise choices where your retirement is concerned. Kevin Wray and Dan Cuprill have written a thought-provoking book which will help you to reduce taxes while optimizing income for your retirement. This quick read will help you to Navigate Through Retirement.

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reThink. rePlan. RETIRE!

By Paul L. Durso

Fear, anxiety, and confusion don’t have to be a part of your retirement! In reThink. rePlan. RETIRE, financial expert Paul Durso helps you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to take charge of your future.

reThink. rePlan. RETIRE will show you how to evaluate your current retirement plan or begin that process from scratch. You’ll learn a step-by-step process that can easily be followed to plan and obtain the retirement you have always dreamed of!

Durso’s unique retirement planning process fills a void in the financial industry that builds confidence toward retirement. His process will empower you to take control of and thrive throughout your retirement years.

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