Kevin Wray


An investment advisor representative for Insight Folios Inc, Kevin was born and raised in Pinconning, Michigan. Kevin and wife, Lynette, moved to Linwood because Pinconning installed a second stop light and they thought Pinconning was just getting to busy, and Linwood only has the one stop light.

Kevin believes real wealth comes from knowledge and his firm routinely offers educational events for his clients and the public. Education is the key to unlock all your retirement potential and to ultimately allow you to Navigate Through Retirement.

It is Kevin’s passion and privilege to help families plan for retirement. Watching his great grandmother suffer though Alzheimer’s and seeing how devastating it can be was a huge motivator in helping families. He loves putting a plan together and seeing how it helps and impacts the families he works with.

Kevin sold night-crawlers when he was a teenager in Pinconning and invested the money he made at the ripe old age of 15. This fueled his love for saving and planning for retirement. Kevin’s parents were a major influence on his starting his own business and helping families.

Two of Kevin’s goals he would like to accomplish are, catching and releasing a big brown trout on a fly rod and traveling the country side of Italy.